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Biz4Intellia Inc.
7380 W Sand Lake Rd #500 Orlando FL 32819 USA
Biz4Intellia Inc. is among the pioneer providers of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Biz4Intellia is a well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, and configurable business services. It has been rated as one of the Top 50 IoT Companies by CIOReview. Biz4Intellia has been facilitating early IoT adoption to many businesses in multiple industries for last six years.
Information Technology, Product Development
Fraser Innovation Inc
200-13571 Commerce Parkway
Richmond, BC Canada
V6V 2R2
Fraser Innovation Inc. provides an open teaching and researching platform with IP cores and autonomous hardware design.

We provide multi-level(basic, design, innovative) laboratory construction solutions for wireless communication teaching, aiming to provide SDR related teaching experiments for schools from multiple perspectives (different scenarios, varying degrees, different costs) solution.

Fraser Innovation Inc. is a leading FPGA based system design and RF application solution company serving students, college, universities, and OEM’s worldwide with technology-based educational design tools. Based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, Fraser Innovation designs, manufactures, and distributes its products on a worldwide basis. We are top wireless communication educational device provider.

Fraser Innovation Inc

Sensor Analytics Solutions for Predictive Maintenance - KONUX.

KONUX offers an industrial IoT solution combining smart sensors, data fusion and AI-based analytics to increase asset availability and optimize maintenance planning.

KONUX empowers the rail industry to operate with the highest availability. Our self-learning system collects, integrates and analyzes data from multiple sources to optimize the utilization of critical assets.

Konux GmbH
Flößergasse 2
81369 München


+49 89 18955010
425 Market Street
R-Style Lab provides custom IoT applications development services. We specialize in industrial IoT, healthcare, connected smart home apps and other IoT solutions

R-Style Lab is one of IoT software companies with the right set of skills to provide a full range of Internet of Things services. We work at mobile, web, data and embedded levels to align with all your tech needs whether you have just one part of an IoT puzzle missing or require a full-scale solution.

R-Style Lab IoT solutions expertise includes:
Smart Home IoT solutions, including firmware for standalone home appliances and mobile apps facilitating their management, central hubs orchestrating devices within a Smart Home system and complex Home Automation solutions with self-learning capabilities.
Healthcare & Fitness IoT apps supporting fault-free sensor data acquisition, management and presentation, multi-level IoT systems for hospitals and beauty salons and embedded software for portable trackers. Healthcare IoT applications enable to build hospitals interacting processes, people & tool to help gain new efficiencies, scale-up facilities and boost treatment to result in higher patient satisfaction. Fitness; Healthcare smart solutions help schedule a workout, select a diet plan, and it acts as a fitness coach and running assistant.
Industrial IoT solutions, including drone-based inspection and delivery solutions powered by Computer Vision technologies, smart inventory management solutions for warehouses and stores and sensor-based Predictive Maintenance systems.
Software for wearables, including middleware facilitating device-to-device communication, data capturing and processing and dedicated mobile apps.

+1 888 252 3073
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